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Innovators in carbon handling, re-use and storage
with a green and financial dividend.

Your go-to company when it comes to handling captured carbon in a certified and reliable way.

About us

Value Maritime brings you Value Carbon, a sister company fully focused on shore-based carbon solutions. 

Value Carbon is your go-to partner for certified carbon services. We manage carbon offtake (sea-based and land-based), processing, transportation, reuse, storage, certificates and trading.

Our trusted team already has years of experience in developing Carbon Capture systems onboard ships and we are now standing at the forefront of change in the carbon value chain. We can guide you through the next stages of the carbon value chain and keep you up to speed on carbon legislation and regulations.

“We are now standing at the forefront of change in the carbon value chain and in the very early stages of developing standards and regulations for carbon captured onboard ships. Now is the time to act. There is an enormous momentum surrounding carbon building. There is still a lot unclear, a lot of work is being done. The next few years are going to be decisive.” Rolf Bakker, Value Carbon

As with Value Maritime, we are again combining a solid business case with an environmental dividend.


We manage the whole carbon value chain from captured carbon to utilisation and/or storage. We focus specifically on locations where the carbon is captured and the most energy-efficient way we can utilise or store the carbon at the lowest cost per tonne.

The chain can start with capturing carbon onboard ships or capturing land based carbon at low gas flows from factories.

We are partnering with outlets across Europe and are in discussions with providers in Gibraltar, Singapore and Houston.

CCUS Total overview – Solutions plan

Our services

Carbon Offtake

– Sea-based (ships) & land-based (factories)

Carbon Processing

– Purification and Liquefaction

Carbon Reuse & Treatment

– Greenhouses
– Storage
– E/green Methanol

Regulations Expertise

– Clarity and Guidance

Certification & Trading

– Verification & Certification
– Compliance & Voluntary Options
– Hedging


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